Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top 10 Green

Valentine's Day Gifts

Be thoughtful this Valentine's Day and buy an environment-friendly gift for your beloved. This subtle and caring gift may earn you more admiration from your loved one than any showy or fancy purchase.

A Recycled Card or an E-CardChoose a creative card that is made from recycled paper or non-tree materials. The back of the card will mention if it is made in an environment-friendly way, or if the proceeds will go to a voluntary organization. Alternatively, you can send an e-Card or even make a hand-made card from waste materials at home.

Organic Fresh Flowers from a Local Farm

When you buy locally grown flowers, you will be helping your community. Take a look at the local farmer's market in your area. The effort is worth the occasion, and it will make your gift more special.

Natural Essential Oils instead of a Perfume

Instead of going for an expensive and quite obvious gift of a perfume, think differently this Valentine's. Check out some unique essential oils that spread natural fragrance. These oils are distilled from seeds, plants, flowers, shrubs, bushes and roots.

Organic Coffee, Chocolates or Wines

Organic products are better for health and help to sustain the environment as well. Such products help to promote the farmer communities. Try to buy them from fair trade stores that ensure that the growers and workers have received fair wages for making the product.

Donate to a Voluntary Organization

You can make a donation to a voluntary organization that promotes sustainable development. This donation can go on behalf of the person to whom you wish to give a Valentine's Day gift.

Eco-friendly Jewelry

If you are planning gift a piece of jewelry, consider purchasing it from a jeweler that is certified that the material used is eco-friendly and it has been produced in a socially responsible manner. You may even consider non-metal jewelry such as a wooden pendant to make an eco-friendly statement.

Romantic Dinner at a "Green" Restaurant

Look for a local restaurant that specializes in organic food or exclusively locally grown food. This helps to eliminate food miles and promotes community development along with saving the environment.

Holiday at a Natural Retreat

If you are planning to take your beloved for a holiday on this Valentine's, consider visiting a natural retreat such as a wildlife reserve or park. When you patronize such places, it helps to fund their efforts to protect and promote the environment.

Organic Clothing

Clothing made out of sustainable fabrics can make a great fashion statement. Synthetic textiles use toxic chemicals and pollute the ecosystem. So go for anything made in organic silk, organic cotton or organic chiffon fabrics. You may try to buy them from fair trade outlets that pay fair wages to the workers.

Solar Powered GadgetsIf you plan to gift a digital device, a phone or a watch, or other such products, look for the ones that are powered by solar cells. An eco-friendly gadget is a great way to show that you care for the earth.

Green gifts can your Valentine's Day different, special and memorable. So go ahead and make the best earth-friendly choice of a gift.


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